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A world of possibilities

The School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Malaga was founded in 1990. Within the current structure in the European Higher Education Area, the training in Industrial Engineering is offered with the Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Industrial Technology (Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales), which provides a general engineering formation and gives access to the Master in Industrial Engineering (Máster en Ingeniería Industrial), which enables to the Spanish regulated profession of Industrial Engineer.

The limit is up to you

Currently is also taught in our Center three second-cycle degrees (two courses each): Industrial Organization Engineering, Automatic and Industrial Electronics Engineering and Electronic Engineering. These second-cycle qualifications will be replaced in the near future by new degrees related to the industrial sector. In the School is also taught several other Master degrees with access to PhD, offering an advanced formation and training in some particular fields (see Master and PhD programs).



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